"Start a Profitable Psychic Business Economically"
Course Description

This online course is designed to help anyone working as a Psychic, Alternative, or New Age practitioner develop his or her business.

The course is presented as a series of videos that can be watched online. The total length of the course is 213 minutes, which is just under 4 hours packed with information.

This Online Course is divided into 9 chapters, each one dealing with a specific business facet described below:

Chapter 1 - Thinking the Business Through (31:04)

This chapter prepares you for your business by getting you to think about what you want and what you have to offer. It helps you identify your expectations, analyze your experience, determine your strengths and understand how ready you are. We will talk about the financial investment needed, what makes you special, how to produce your “elevator speech”, how to define your ideal client, and more. A lot of the information you come up with during this background work will be used for your business card, your flyer, your website, etc.

Chapter 2 - Business, Taxes and Financials (10:34)

This chapter presents briefly a few business aspects such as your business name, whether you should incorporate your company, how to deal with taxes, including expenses, the impact of selling over the Internet and doing business internationally. It also mentions a few legal issues, such as the wording of guarantees and dealing with health issues. You can use this information to get a general overview of the business side, but before making any decision or taking any action that might affect your finances or business, you should consult a qualified professional advisor.

Chapter 3 - Possible Media Used for Readings (11:39)

From this chapter, you will acquire different ideas on how to do your readings. For instance, you can see clients for one-on-one consultations; you can provide short readings at fairs and festivals; you can do home and corporate parties; you can offer readings over Skype or on the telephone. This chapter is only the beginning: it will get you thinking about more opportunities.

Chapter 4 - Setting your Fees (7:58)

Many of you will be interested in this chapter, which will help you determine how much money you can make. It will help you figure out your worth and how much your ideal client is willing to pay. It will show you how to analyze your specific market and be aware of specific issues. It also provides examples of possible fees.

Chapter 5 - Designing Your Business Card (13:40)

What makes a business card appealing? During this episode, we will talk about illustrations to use, character size, colour, composition, photos, etc. We will cover the situation when you have more than one business, how to offer a personal guarantee, how much information the card should provide, how to use the back of the card and how to avoid unnecessary costs.

Chapter 6 - Taking Advantage of Technology – Part 1 (18:22) & Part 2 (45:57)

This is the longest chapter. Because it provides so much information, it is presented in two parts. It answers questions such as what is a website, how should it be used, the concept of web hosting and domain names and how to avoid spending money on them. You will also learn how to create your own website, finding the right website name, understanding the importance of keywords, and making sure you are found on the Internet. We will then cover the structure and possible sections of a website: home page, contact, biography, services, testimonials, articles, blogs, newsletters, videos, courses, etc. And finally, we will talk about social media, Skype and PayPal.

Chapter 7 - Making Money from your Website (19:37)

This fascinating chapter presents various ways you can make money automatically from your website, both as a vendor and an affiliate. While it presents a plethora of different resources to do it, the purpose of this chapter is to get your imagination going so that you can find many more ways to use your website as a money machine!

Chapter 8 - Promoting Your Business (31:10)

Promoting your business doesn’t need to be costly. This chapter shows you how to use business cards, to prepare flyers, to take advantage of networking, to promote your services online through websites, blogs, links, forums, fairs, courses, eBooks, DVDs, webinars, lectures, workshops, community events, etc. We will also talk about local advertising, radio or TV interviews, having your own radio or TV show, friends’ referrals, etc.

Chapter 9 - Making Videos (22:19)

Don’t miss this very valuable chapter, which provides excellent technical advice on how to make the best possible videos in a cost-effective way. Find out everything you need to know about lighting, sound, background, length, editing, etc. This chapter also contains a section on how to successfully collect valuable video testimonials by asking the right questions. Finally, it shows you how to prepare for a media interview using specific questions to your best advantage.

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